My introduction to international 
travel came at age seven, when my family moved from the United States to Brazil. While I traveled throughout South America, Europe and Asia (with the chance to spend periods living in Brussels, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo), somehow Florence never made it onto my itinerary.

Even so, I fell in love with the idea of the city long before my first visit, while earning my Architecture degree. I was drawn into the stories of the multi-talented artists who had given Florence its churches and bridges, palaces and piazzas, and the graceful terracotta cupola that has served as a point of reference since the Renaissance.

From my first walk through Florence, when those secondhand memories finally came to life, I was enchanted. Experiencing a place on foot—following the curves of narrow streets that lead into broad piazzas, experiencing art and architecture at every turn, smelling the scent of coffee mingling with that of meats grilling and vegetables roasting, hearing the music of church bells filling the air—this was what I had always hoped for in a city.

After that initial visit, I returned to Florence each year. Finally, a four-month stay turned into a year, then two, then three and more. And although I have somewhat woken up from the dream of living here—at least enough to realize that the city has its share of faults—every day I am grateful that Florence is where I wake up each morning. When I hear the wheels of suitcases scraping across the bumpy streets, I still feel excited for the discoveries their owners have ahead of them. And I no longer dread the trip to the airport, which used to mean months away from Florence. Now I know I will always be returning soon . . .

Along with my seventeen-year-old daughter, I continue to live in Florence, listening for whispers of history as I gather inspiration for my work as an artist. Some of this work can be found in my Etsy shop, PaperSynthesis. Please click HERE to visit the shop.

My favorite medium is oil paint (above are a few examples), though
I also really enjoy collage and designing one-of-a-kind books. It’s the process and effect of layering that most fascinates me . . . undoubtably one reason I am so at home in the intricately layered city of Florence.

The geometry—the arrangement of lines and space—is what
usually draws me to a painting, building, or other form of art,
and it is this element that often guides my own creative work.

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The Piazzas of Florence

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