Between Sea & Sky


8 ½” x 8” x ¾″ portfolio-style cover

with a removable booklet that expands to 80″ wide


Cover: Alluding to the sea and the sky, the exterior is covered with

muted-gold and lagoon-green raw silk (though the distinction in color is hard to distinguish in the photo); between them lies a woven ribbon that I hand beaded to represent the richness of Venice’s skyline.

Inner cover: Ivory Fabriano paper printed with an

original text and a reproduction of an 1838 map

showing the Grand Canal’s fabulous double curve.

Removable booklet: Over two hundred photographs are

printed on heavyweight matte photo paper; the first and

last folds are gold paper printed with an original text.

Between Sea & Sky

The first time I saw Venice I was struck by the image of the narrow ribbon of land running between the expanse of water before it and the stretch of sky overhead. Upon venturing into the city, I loved the surprise of seeing how the ribbon “translates” into a rich and voluptuous city plan. Between images of the sea and sky, a mosaic of photographs conveys the elaborate embroidery of the narrow line that runs along the horizon. When fully extended, the pleated pages of Between Sea & Sky recreate the sweeping curves of the Grand Canal.

View of the inner booklet arranged in the shape of the Grand Canal’s double curve.

The mosaic of photos on side A, arranged between images of the sea and sky.

The mosaic of photos on side B, arranged between images of the sea and sky.

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