Invitation to Florence

Appearing in the exhibition ‘Hand2Hand’ at Columbia City Gallery 
 in Seattle, Washington from 17 November 2010 - 23 January 2011

10½” W x  10½” H x  1⅞” D  

Invitation to Florence is modeled after an old-fashioned voyager’s chest. With this piece I have tried to recreate the pleasure of discovering a place. Within is everything needed for a personal and intimate experience with the city, whether you travel to Florence in person or in your imagination. Readers are encouraged to interact with what they find: there are postcards to write and map cards with suggestions for things to do in a dozen of the city’s piazzas. I’ve included a brief history of the natural and urban features that combine to create such an appealing city. I've also shared my thoughts on books by past visitors and put together a reading list, as well as including notes about recording one's travels and a booklet of Invitations designed to encourage creativity. “Creating a Mental Map” offers details on  the building of Brunelleschi’s Cupola for the cathedral and a map and notes to orient yourself from the top of either the dome or the bell tower. Ribbon boards hold business cards from some of my favorite places, which can be replaced with personal favorites. The journey will be different for each person who explores the book …

[Please note: This book has sold, but some of the items found within will be available individually through my shop, PaperSynthesis.]


Exterior structure: Board covered with copper/brown block-print paper. Drawer compartment opens with a hand-crafted wire & bead knob. The gatefold cover has a ribbon closure, and each inner cover features a “ribbon board” wrapped with raw silk.
Interior contents: Various booklets printed with archival inks on a variety of Fabriano papers. All photographs and maps are by the artist.

A red folder holds four booklets: Getting to Know the City; Notes on
Reading; Notes on Recording one’s travels; Creating a Mental Map
Two Postcard Booklets feature a total of twelve sepia photos of Florence,
with descriptions on the back; each is enclosed in a vellum belly band.

12 Map Cards each feature a large scale annotated map of the
piazza on one side and suggestions for things to do on the back;
housed within a vellum sleeve printed with  notes on each piazza.

A booklet of 10 Invitations to jumpstart your
creativity; contained within a vellum sleeve.

A Welcome  Letter is found within a vellum envelope
printed with an image taken along the Arno River.

The drawer contains marbled paper-covered pencils,
a custom-wrapped eraser and a metal pencil sharpener.

Getting to Know the City, with pop-up images of each urban feature discussed

Creating a Mental Map, with map indicating the city’s major landmarks

Backsides of Map Cards, with suggestions for things to do

Map side of Map Cards

Postcard Booklet, closed

Postcard Booklet, extended

Booklet of Invitations
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