verb ǀar-ẓi-go-go-là-reǀ
                1. to let your mind wander, to muse, to daydream


Persimmons make an easy snack or dessert. The pudding-like pulp is delicious on its own, but we often place the fruits upside down in a bowl, split the delicate skin and then sprinkle on cinnamon and add a dollop of plain, unsweetened yoghurt. The skin has a bitter taste, but I usually can’t resist eating some of it.


Here’s another link to an online paper shop with a

beautiful selection of papers. Paper Mojo is “owned and staffed by women who love paper.”

I discovered Le Palais du Thés at a local bookstore; they used to carry a wide stock of this fine tea (both loose leaf and in muslin bags) in their gift section. While they no longer carry it, I was happy to find that my favorite sweet shop, Dolcissima, offers this tea at their shop on Via Maggio.

Comfort when it rains: I recently came across a new recording of I Can’t Stand the Rain by Seal, from his Soul album (2008). (The song was originally recorded in 1973 by Ann Peebles.) This link will take you to Seal’s version on youtube. I also really like Seal’s version of It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World, which was originally recorded by James Brown in 1966; the tenderness in Seal’s voice is awesome. Follow this link for a video on youtube.

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These photos capture some of the reflections along the Arno. One day I hope to photograph the entire length of Florence reflected in the river...