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On my Bookshelf

A Reading List or Bibliography always seems like a final gift at the end
of a book. So many books inspired me over the course of writing The Piazzas of Florence, but unfortunately there wasn’t space to list all of the ones I would have liked to (nor include very comprehensive notes about them) in my Reading List. I have finally begun a new webpage devoted to Florence-themed books, where I will start rounding out the original list.

I love to lose myself in the pages of writers who have recorded their travel impressions—especially those of travelers from times past—it’s interesting to see what has remained the same, what has changed. Reading just a few pages of H. V. Morton, W. D. Howells, Henry James
or E. V. Lucas can get my thoughts flowing, inspiring me to explore my
city more & write about it. I like that they were well-travelled men who focused on what they appreciated about the places they visited. Their books (as well as many others) will be included on my  new page. Feel free to let me know if you have a Florence-related book to recommend.

Click HERE to see the ‘On the Bookshelf’ page as it begins to take shape.

These are some of the old editions of Florence-themed books that I’ve collected over the years; I love the decorative spines.

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