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As the end of the month approaches . . .

It’s been another intense month as I prepare to open a more conventional online shop for PaperSynthesis. All along I had been hoping to promote the shop in time for the holiday season, but it looks as though it will remain fairly ‘exclusive’ until the New Year. At the moment I am working out how to best handle holiday orders, in terms of shipping cut-off dates and such. More details will be appearing here in the next few days, and I hope to have migrated to a proper online shop within the next week.

The 50,000-word novel challenge has also been keeping me busy—as well as this daily ‘calendar’ for November, which feels like quite a feat considering that it usually takes me all month to put together a single Arzigogolare entry (for my usual ‘blog’). Attempting to be more immediate/less precious with my writing & other creative work has proved to be an interesting exercise, but it’s made me  realize that I’m much more comfortable allowing things to evolve over time.1.html../Lisa_McGarry/arzigogolare/arzigogolare.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

Instead of reaching the alarming heights typical during the November rains, the Arno has remained quiet & low this month. It’s been a welcome change to see the water flowing in shades of blue, green & silver, as opposed to the usual rain-induced mud color.

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