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All Things Red

When I look around my house—and my wardrobe & my artwork—I see a lot of red; it’s definitely among my
favorite colors, which also include shades of purple & orange that lean toward red on the color wheel.

It may well have been their color that first made me notice pomegranates. Ranging from dappled to deep red, I find them stunning to look at, to hold—and to eat. In honor of the amazingly fresh & juicy pomegranate I savored earlier (the first of the season), today’s page is devoted to this intriguing fruit.

Incidentally, the pomegranate-themed paper under my pomegranate (in the upper left corner of the page) is from the TASSOTTI collection, and can also be used as gift wrap for PaperSynthesis items. Taking the rounds of photos today reminded me that I had originally planned to offer a postcard set featuring  my favorite seasonal produce—one more thing to look for in the shop in the upcoming months.

The images below & at right each  link to handmade pomegranate-themed products from various Etsy shops.

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(You’ll notice that pomegranates—both the fruit & its color—seem to be a popular choice for weddings. I think they’re lovely for the holidays.)../Lisa_McGarry/arzigogolare/Entries/2010/1/26_Seeds_of_beauty.html

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