Colors in Burano

An original collage

8 x 8 inches (20.3 x 20.3 cm)

$42.00 SOLD

You may have been wondering when the collages I mentioned at the beginning of October were going to begin showing up. Sitting down with enough time/mental space to create one is something I have been looking forward to all month . . . or, more precisely, for the past year. In fact, the business I was originally planning to start was to be called ‘12 x 12’, and built on the concept of offering twelve collages each month. I realized at some point that I didn’t want to limit what I could offer—though I did know that paper would play a central role—and so, from this initial idea, PaperSynthesis slowly began to take shape.

For months, I have been putting papers into piles according to which collage I envisioned them being part of. Anchoring the collection of papers that has become Colors in Burano was a photograph I took on my first visit to the little Venetian island four years ago (please see the image at lower right). I had borrowed my Mother’s camera because my battery was depleted, and when I saw this photo of the reflections/colorful boats, I was grateful I had that option to fall back on—this is my all-time favorite of the many canal shots I’ve taken. For the collage, the photo has been ‘de-constructed’, i.e. divided into individual squares, and then rearranged among solid colors of Canson & Fabriano, various metallic papers, and marbled & other decorative papers. The collage is organized on a grid—a design element that I find very inspiring (and which led me to the idea of using a calendar as a way to present the items for PaperSynthesis a day at a time).

Colors in Burano is collaged upon a sturdy 3.5 mm wood- & paper-fiber substrate that has first been covered with decorative paper (to ‘finish’ the edges). The collage is titled & signed on the back, and can be matted/framed or displayed as is. Click on images for larger/other views.

31 - Colors in Burano - 8 x 8 Collage

Much of the work I do at the studio table is very precise,

involving a metal T-square, X-Acto knife, triangles,

ruler, bone folder, awl, glue, etc. Even with this collage,

I found myself relying on many of the usual tools as I

prepared to make it. But once I began to assemble the

collage, it was wonderful to work with the matte medium

(which acts a both a glue & a sealer) . . . it’s semi-messy,

but incredibly forgiving, and this freedom was a welcome

change. (Plus I always love using a brush to ‘paint’

anything, even glue.) Still, reverting to what must be an

underlying desire for order, I couldn’t resist adding strips

of paper to neaten the joints between the various papers.

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Please note:

This one-of-kind item is no longer available, but

there will be more collages in the upcoming months

(possibly including others designed around the Burano

image above). Please email me if you would like

to be notified about future collages.