~ From A Florentine Alphabet

An hour spent wandering along the Arno always feels like such a gift, especially with my camera in hand. I return home full of anticipation to upload the images—I’d compare the feeling to the excitement of seeing presents piled under the Christmas tree when I was a child. I love how I never know exactly what will show up...only that the “canvas” of water will be painted with gorgeous reflections.

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The Arno shimmers through Florence, offering a welcome pause in the middle of the stone-paved city. The weather’s mood affects the sky and the buildings, transforming the reflections as the light changes, and the wind plays with the texture of the river, sometimes turning the water stormy, other times rippling it softly. At its worst, the river’s color recalls a cold cup of weak, milky tea, but other times it will assume a striking shade of bright olive green, a bold, breathtaking blue or a mysterious, deep mercury; on the sunniest mornings the Arno glitters like the Las Vegas strip.

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