Just like the art materials in my studio, the ingredients used in the kitchen fascinate me...especially produce. I always enjoy arranging the fruit & vegetables when I get home from the market—with their colors, shapes & textures, they're my favorite way to "decorate" the apartment. And doing the mise en place for meals is the perfect chance to appreciate all of the lovely details.

I love how the ebb & flow of what’s in season so beautifully marks the passing of the year—how new colors are always brightening up the fruit baskets/bowls. There are seasonal staples like red onions, with their purple-laced layers; shiny hot peppers; and the natural-colored zucca, its smooth, fluted skin belying the bright pumpkin flesh within. And then the unusual—a head of broccolo romanesco, with its psychedelic texture & chartreuse hue—as well as the fleeting: purple-tinged asparagus, and small green Claudia plums & uva fragola—"strawberry grapes"—a super sweet variety that shows up briefly as summer begins to fade. And when clementines arrive to mark the beginning of citrus season, it always feels like they’re offering a reason to look forward to winter, instead of mourning the loss of fall’s golden light...


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