These experiments with creating page layouts using alternative versions of “text” came about as part of my ongoing quest to find ways to preserve some record of time's passage. I am in love with the text block as a concept, so the elements of page layout became my starting point; I began assembling rows of things that I encountered in the course of my days into somewhat orderly lines, and then photographing the results.

My original experiments were composed of strips of paper, ribbon or string from around the studio, which were then layered with flower petals, buds, leaves or other objects/shapes I work with... At one point I began more theme-oriented explorations of this arrangement of lines, often focusing on items I had collected while visiting a local garden, strolling along the beach or even just preparing a meal. I haven't quite figured out what they're all about yet, or where they are “going,” but I indulge in the ritual whenever I am inspired...

Beginning this January I started a new daily practice that builds on the premise of my StoryLines. Each day I choose a strip of paper to weave through the pages of an accordion book; as the days pass, visual text blocks are created. You’ll find a few images of Daily Measures at the end of the second page of StoryLines, and a blog entry about the project here.

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From stems of asparagus

From mimosa blooms for la Festa della Donna

From fallen olives scattered under my favorite olive tree

From purple-tinged shells found on the shores of Lido island

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