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My favorite way to document my visits to Venice is with the camera... Although I am often content to experience a place in the moment, recording it mainly through my sense of memory (at least to a degree—words always flow out insistently at some point), I can’t seem to keep the lens cover on my camera when I’m in Venice. I suppose it’s my way of trying to hold on to the colors & reflections of the ever-changing lagoon, and the light & shadow that outlines the gorgeous stone details.

For this collection of photos I was looking for shades of pink—everything from “natural” to fuchsia. Sunshine was scarce when I arrived, but the following day the sun brought its magic to the city. I find it interesting to see the contrast between the cooler pinks on Day 1 & those found in the photos I took when the sun was out. While pink is not a color I am normally drawn to (unless it's as "hot" as pink can be, as in fuchsia), I do love the endless rosy shades everywhere you look in Venice. In fact, I realized on this trip that Venice wouldn't be Venice without pink!