Bicycle Tangle

8 x 10 Print

Printed with archival inks on

100% cotton rag photo paper


Florence is full of bicycles. Most people I know use a bike to get around, though I admit I prefer the slower pace of walking. (It allows more time to appreciate all of the details—not to mention the fact that maneuvering around the constant flow of pedestrians terrifies me.) I’ve always admired how casually and gracefully the Florentines negotiate their way through and around tour groups, traffic and parked vehicles.

As Florence becomes ever more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly, new bike racks are popping up everywhere—undoubtably a relief to those who’ve had their bikes ticketed or removed from the ‘creative’ places they’ve had to resort to parking them at one time or another. The many colors of the tightly nestled bikes on this rack caught my attention one afternoon this past summer; I was lucky to be walking by just as the sun managed to sneak into this little corner of the city.

The photo is printed on 100% cotton museum-quality paper, enhancing the tangle of multi-colored frames & bicycle parts. The image itself measures 8 x 10 inches (20.3 x 25.4 cm), and is surrounded by a narrow white border. The print is titled & signed on the back, and packaged in a clear archival sleeve. (Click on the image for a larger view; please note that the images you see on the site are saved at a low resolution for the web, but they are of course printed at high resolution.)

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20 - Bicycle Tangle - 8 x 10 Print

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