Venice 2012 Calendar

12 calendar pages, one for each month of 2012

+ a cover page with a brief text about Venice

Printed on warm white Fabriano Artistico

Each month features two photos

measuring 4 x 4 inches/10 x 10 cm each

Each page is ~ 6¾ x 9¼ inches (17 x 23.5 cm)

Pages are unbound for maximum flexibility:

use a magnet, tack, clip or clothespin to display

the current month however you wish

$ 36.00

So many photos; not enough months to share all of them!

On my first visit to Venice, it wasn’t long before I realized how pointless it was to tuck away my camera . . . I wanted to capture every intriguing detail, each inviting moment. It took me only a handful of days to get as many stunning photos of Venice as it’s taken over the course of countless visits to Florence and seven years of living here—the lack of cars surely has something to do with this, but it’s also because Venice is simply endlessly, undeniably photogenic.

On each return trip, I still find myself continuously reaching for the camera; I suppose it’s hard to resist taking home as many pieces of Venice as one can. I hope you enjoy the little ‘pieces’ of Venice in this calendar.

25 - Venice 2012 Calendar

The images on each page are separated slightly & surrounded by a subtle half-tone border. The text/numbers are in black, with the exception of Saturdays & Sundays, which are printed in a color inspired by that month’s images. Each month also features a word printed in the same color—a gentle reminder to ‘begin’ (January), ‘celebrate’ (April), ‘dream’ (August), ‘treasure’ (November), and so on. (Click on any image to see more details.)

The calendar is also available with the year in place of the ‘word of the month’. Each calendar is printed to order, so this space can be left blank if you prefer, or even customized as you wish; please specify either option on your order.

Ordering details are here & shipping costs are HERE.

Please email me with any questions.

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