Set of 4 accordion books

Four different hand-decorated paper covers

160 gsm Fabriano Ingres pages

10 pages/20 sides

2 yards (1.8 meters) of dark red sheer ribbon

Each book is 2½ x 5 inches (6.3 x 12.7 cm) when closed

& extends to 27½ inches (70 cm)


A different hand-decorated paper is used for each of these four mini accordion books: two different patterns of marbled paper and two block-printed views of Venice (a detail from the Palazzo Ducale in Piazza San Marco & a typical Venetian scene). Red is the unifying color, and hints of gold are incorporated in each.

These little blank books are full of possibility. You may like to choose one as a pocket-sized sketch book or journal, another to write a special message to a friend. Give them as party favors, prizes or stocking stuffers, or nestle one into the bow of a present. The set of four makes a lovely gift of its own.

The first time I stumbled into a certain little paper goods shop in the Dorsoduro neighborhood, I fell in love with the hand-printed papers . . . especially the Palazzo Ducale motif, which is such an archetypal element of Venice’s architecture.

On a later visit, I asked the owner if he ever produced marbled papers. He did not, but told me that his brother had a paper-marbling studio/shop in another sestiere. He gave me (quite confusing!) directions, saying I would recognize the place by the photos of San Marco’s bell tower crumbling onto the piazza in 1902. I was due to catch the train back to Florence, so I put it on my mental list for when I next returned to Venice.

But then, as I was making my way back to the hotel to pick up my bags, I glimpsed a shop window full of marbled- paper-decorated items; sure enough, there were the old photographs of the collapsed bell tower. A sign on the door read: Torno subito (I’ll be right back). I had no idea how long the sign had already been there but, as I was studying the faded black-and-white images of the bell tower, the owner showed up.

Considerably more personable that his quieter sibling, the paper marbler was delighted to hear that I had been sent by his brother. He enthusiastically showed off his selection of marbled papers—and even offered to give me a demonstration in the studio. Unfortunately, in the interest of meeting my train, I had to decline.

(Mental list . . .)

5 - Set of 4 accordion books - Venetian

Each book features laid pages in a soft/muted shade of red. The two yards (1.8 meters) of ribbon is generous enough to wrap each book individually, or can be left whole and used as the finishing touch on a gift.

This set can be ordered in multiple quantities (with slight variations, as each sheet of the cover paper is hand marbled/printed) as long as my current supply lasts.

Click on any photo to see larger versions. (Note that both sides of the block-print covers, each different, are shown.)

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