Stones of Florence Postcard set

Set of 8 different postcards

Images printed on Fabriano Fine Art Paper

Also backed with a Fabriano paper

Each postcard is ~ 4¼ x 6 inches (10.6 x 15.4 cm)


Send someone a little piece of Florence with one of these images of the city’s beautiful stone detailing. (Mary McCarthy knew what she was talking about when she titled her classic narrative The Stones of Florence. With eight postcards in the set, there might even be a few left for yourself. The images are printed on heavyweight Fabriano, with a hint of texture that’s perfectly suited to portraying this collection of rich stone elements photographed during my day-to-day life in Florence.

Each postcard is backed with a smooth, warm white Fabriano, giving it a luxurious weight in the hand. The back is free for your message or musings (except for a brief description of the image & © PaperSynthesis in the lower left corner). The postcards are presented in a folded card and protected by a clear archival sleeve.

Image descriptions (from left to right as shown above):

- Brunelleschi’s Cupola for the

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

- Detail of unfinished stone façade

on the church of San Lorenzo

- Afternoon at the Church of San Miniato

- The Rape of Polyxena (Pio Fedi, 1865)

in the Loggia dei Lanzi

- Via dei Neri after the rain

- A stone version of the Florentine lily

(known as the giglio), the city’s centuries-old symbol

- The fountain in Piazza Santo Spirito

- Shadow of a Gothic window in Giotto’s bell tower

Click on any photo to see larger

versions of the postcard images.

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7 - Stones of Florence Postcard Set

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