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I am an American artist & writer who has been living in Florence for nearly fourteen years. I fell in love with Florence—or, rather, the idea of Florence—while earning my Architecture degree, long before I finally had the chance to visit in 1996. I was enchanted from my first walk through the city. Experiencing a place on foot—following the curves of narrow streets as they led into broad piazzas, encountering art and architecture at every turn, smelling the scent of coffee mingling with that of meats grilling and vegetables roasting, hearing the music of church bells filling the air—this was what I had always hoped for in a city.

A four-month stay while researching a book about Florence’s piazzas turned into six months, then a year. The Piazzas of Florence was published by Murdoch Books a few years later (2008/Sydney & London), and by then Florence had become home. Along with my daughter, I continue to live here, gathering inspiration for my work as an artist & writer.

Although I didn’t end up practicing architecture, my educational roots have lent a voice to the many creative areas I’ve ended up pursuing... If I had to choose, I would probably say that my favorite medium is oil paint, but I also love working with paper and creating one-of-a-kind books. It’s the process and effect of layering that most fascinates me...undoubtably one reason I am so happy being immersed in the intricately layered city of Florence. In recent years, I have started to discover wonderful new possibilities through the lens of my camera, and graphic design has become another passion. Color, line, shape & shadow—I will take it all! (Some of my work is available in my online studio shop, Studio Milledisegni.)

I hope you enjoy exploring my portfolio website!

                                                                                                                     — Lisa McGarry

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