Madonna della Salute

8 x 10 Print

Printed with archival inks on

100% Cotton Rag Photo Paper


Santa Maria della Salute is one of my favorite pieces of architecture in Venice. The church has a distinctive position, marking both your arrival and departure by vaporetto at the mouth of the Grand Canal. I still remember my first visit to this somewhat ‘isolated’ part of Venice, where the Dorsoduro neighborhood tapers off into the lagoon. The moment I entered the church I was mesmerized by the space, and left its sanctuary only reluctantly after several hours.

Madonna della Salute (Madonna of Health, named for the candle with the Madonna’s likeness) was taken on a followup visit. I was hoping to capture some more images of the trays of candles that had left such an impression the first time, but not many flames were flickering when I arrived. After I paid the small contribution to light one, it was surprising how quickly the number of candles multiplied. I love not only the effect of the mass of pretty little tea lights, but also the circles of wax they tend to leave behind on the tray.

The photo is printed on 100% cotton, museum-grade paper that brings out the glow created by the candles. The image itself measures 8 x 10 inches (20.3 x 25.4 cm), and is surrounded by a narrow white border. The print is titled & signed on the back, and packaged in a clear archival sleeve. (Click on the image for a larger view; please note that the images you see on the site are saved at a low resolution for the web, but they are of course printed at high resolution.)

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11 - Madonna della Salute - 8 x 10 Print

Santa Maria della Salute was another highlight, a place where minutes melt seamlessly into hours. On a bench warmed by a long ray of sunlight, I observed the church’s many beautiful details: windows glazed with circles of thick glass in delicately nuanced shades of blue, purple, pink and peach; trays of candles with sparking flames that recalled childhood Fourth-of-July sparklers; impressive clusters of ornate columns encircling the open central plan; an intricate marble floor, with beautifully worn patterns undulating gently across the vast basilica. The area under the dome was cordoned off, but too inviting for a two-year-old to resist—as she danced under the enormous chandelier suspended beneath the dome, I couldn’t help but imagine the gracious space as the setting for a masquerade ball.

Such hyperbole is perfectly natural in Venice.”

~ From Between Sea & Sky

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